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Kitsunegari Sales

this is how we roll

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Kitsunegari Sales (eljay style)


This is the sales journal of Jess (kittyfu) and Kat (thouartnot). We have a variety of anime-related things including trading cards, doujinshi, CDs, bromides, DVDs, shitajiki, and more from series like Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Saiyuki, Gundam, and more! Though we are both selling from each of our collections, Jess runs the journal and has all of the items in her possession since Kat does not have the resources or enough time to manage the sales site. :3

Quick Info

We can ship within the U.S. using Priority Flat Rate (boxes and envelopes) as well as anywhere using Global Priority Flat Rate (boxes and envelopes), which is our favorite service as it is very reliable and rather quick both within the states and without. We accept PayPal ONLY. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. I like to screen transaction comments so personal stuff can remain personal. :D Any questions? Feel free to inquire via comments. Thank you and enjoy!

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